City Lights
Friday, 2 September 2011 @ 2:33 pm
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My mum and I went shopping again in Orchard Road. The city looks great at night, especially with all the colourful lights. There are tons of traffic lights, which - contrary to popular belief - aren't that irritating, because you can stop and admire all the buildings!

Black lace dress from Zara that ends right before my knees :-) This cost $89.90. I love this! Casual yet formal.

Lace shirt similar to the dress above. $69.90 at Zara.

Blue harem pants with a thin leather belt! These cost $89.90.

Bright yellow skirt that ends around mid thigh. Really really like the colour! The fabric behind the zipper is purple, and so is the inside of the skirt. From Zara at $69.90.

Purple blouse from Zara - $69.90. Mainly bought this piece to match the skirt above. It's really colourful and bright put together so we'll see...

And here are the cute zebra print Ked's that I really wanted!! I got these for only $60. These are suuupperrr duper comfortable.

Today I learnt that Zara jeans do not fit me very well and that shopping makes great exercise :B Today I also saw this girl that was wearing black creepers with 3 parts: a green section sandwiched between 2 white blocks. It was mind blowing. She was the first person I've seen in Singapore wear those! How fashion forward. It wasn't a very cute colour combination, but I loved them anyway! I've yet to see them selling in shops, but hopefully I'll come across a cute pair soon.

Anyway, right now, after 4 hours of touring the entire shopping district, I'm off to go eat dinner! Toodles x


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