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Sunday, 28 August 2011 @ 12:18 pm
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This is a new blog to store all of my outfits, recent purchases, and other fashion/clothing related things. I've been sick and stuck at home, so sharing some of the things I've bought recently is the least I could do for the first blog post. I'll be adding up outfit posts soon!

Blue and white tie-dyed long sleeved shirt by Cheap Monday that I got from a flea for just $9! It's pretty long - it ends mid-thigh.

F21 Aztec print tank. I have no idea why I bought this. Although I know exactly what I'd wear it with, it's way too big! It cost me about $15? Oops ha ha I kinda forgot.

I especially love these pair of shorts that I bought from F21. It's a nice turquoise colour and the pockets are a little longer than the shorts so you can see the black and white Aztec print. I got these when I went out shopping with my mum so I'm not very sure how much they cost. Maybe around $18?

Can't wait for next week, there's basically no school except for having to go back twice for dance and the Teacher's Day celebration!


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