Aztec Princess
Saturday, 24 September 2011 @ 3:42 pm
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I feel like I haven't been posting on this blog and lookbook in forever! So today I just decided to put on some stuff, tie my hair into a lazy bun, and call it an outfit just to update this blog (even though I'm staying home to study). It was my first time using self-timer and taking my outfit picture at home. So, um yeah. Awks.

My mum came home from grocery shopping and she bought my favourite cereal!! Cheerios! Oh and I was watching this k-drama my sister likes and it's too unrealistically dramatic for me. I found it a little silly and I was busy reading the subtitles instead of actually watching the show anyway :p

sleeveless print blouse/f21
turquoise shorts/f21
yellow leather bag/fossil
my trusty, bulky watch/baby-g


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